The purpose of the health consultation process is to:

  • Inform the school community about the content of the health curriculum, in broad outline;
  • Ascertain the wishes of the school community regarding the way in which the health curriculum should be implemented, given the views, beliefs, and customs of the members of that community; and
  • Determine in broad terms, the health education needs of the students at the school.

Thus the survey (which you can download below) will give you a broad outline of the Health Education section of the Health and Physical Education curriculum, and then will seek information from you about :

  1. What you think are the health needs of the children
  2. What you think should/could be included in the Health Education curriculum for our school

Thus consultation is a two-way process. We really want your views please.

Download the Consultation Survey here.

(PDF format, 550kb)


You should be able to type in your answers into the form and then print the survey, if you prefer typing to handwriting.

The downloadable survey requires Adobe Reader for viewing.
You can get download that here (you may wish to uncheck the ‘McAfee’ option).

If the survey opens in your browser, you can download it completely by clicking on the small arrow icon in the top right, or print it by clicking on the printer icon next to that.

Alternatively, the school is happy to provide a hard copy of the survey.