South End students were involved with the recent Balloon Festival in the Wairarapa.

Below are some words from the students, and pictures of the fun! (Click any to see them larger)

“As I walked outside my house to get the mail, I saw the magical hot-air balloons float calmly with the morning breeze.” 

“The colossal hot-air balloons flew slowly over the slumbering village of Carterton.”

“The graceful hot-air balloons floated up in the morning sky with lots of colours on the balloons. The sky was magical.”

“When it was cold the colourful, magical, puffy, soft hot-air balloons floated over the Wairarapa with a beautiful breeze in the sky.”

“The beautiful, colourful balloons floated silently across the breezy sky of Carterton. It was as if watching a bird glide slowly through the sky.”

All The Kids Helped To Get The Air Out Of The Balloon South End

All the kids helped to get the air out of the balloon

Mr Kay squashing the balloon Into Its bag

Mr Kay squashing the balloon Into Its bag